Details, Details...

August 16, 2017

As we continue working on the renovation for this year's show, the fun part (and perhaps the most time consuming) is the detailing. It is said that only about 5% of an audience cares about small details in a show, and even less take time to read and understand the storyline created. Yet Walt Disney himself once said, "I design for myself, and let the people come around to it."


The most detailed part of this event will be the queue-line, since guests will stand for a few minutes waiting to enter. The goal is to have enough eye-candy to enjoy a visit...and tell a story about the event inside without anyone realizing it. If you visit Professor Helsbane's office and Annex, and take time to study it, you may find a lot more than you expect...and many clues as to the horrors waiting for you inside.




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