Witherbrook Township Rises...

July 13, 2017

Like the sideshow in the story Something Wicked This Way Comes, strange things can materialize overnight...

And some things takes months of hard labor and a lot of tough love.

After a decade as the Pierce County Asylum, Tacoma's largest haunted attraction was purchased by Valour Designs, creators of haunted attractions since 1998. We rebranded it Frighthouse Station (seeing we are located in the Freighthouse Station Marketplace) and began renovating it for the 2017 season.


Since March, we have reworked a number of rooms and hallway paths, repainted, removed all set decor to be repurposed, and designed a whole-new storyline with three interconnected themes. We have also focused on an all-new queue-line designed to both keep guests entertained and share clues as to the storylines found inside.

This new queue represents Witherbrook Township, an Edwardian village long past its prime. There, guests will enter the office and annex of Alrich Von Helsbane, the resident occult investigator. If guests are observant, they will find clues as to the events leading to this season's themes, and the ongoing mystery that links all three themes together.

Here are a few pics of the ongoing production. Perhaps something wicked has found its way into our world?




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