Tickets: Questions & Answers

How Do I Buy a Ticket?

Click the BUY TICKETS button above. It will take you to the Eventbrite ticketing site.

Are There Refunds?

At the door:
Please check you understand the limitations and accept our terms and conditions when you purchase your tickets. Refunds may be requested on a case-by-case basis only if:

  • There was a duplicate order.
  • An error via Eventbrite ticketing.
Otherwise, NO REFUNDS. You can give your ticket to someone else to use, or change your day / time (see below) if you cannot make it.

I Bought Tickets but Want to Change my Day and/or Hour. What Do I Do?

1. Check the email that confirmed your ticket purchase. 2. Scroll down to " View and Manage your Order Online". 3. Scroll down to the blue " Transfer" link. 4. To change the DAY, choose EVENT by clicking " Change Event". 5. To change the HOUR of the same day of your original ticket, choose TICKET TYPE by clicking " Change Ticket". IMPORTANT: Make sure the new time and date still has tickets. They are going fast!

Is There a Military Discount?

Yes. Use the code MILITARY when checking out. You must bring a current Military ID when you scan in your ticket to enter. Otherwise, you will be charged the amount you saved.

Can I Buy at the Door?

Yes, but it's not recommended. It's more expensive and, if you don't check online first, we may be sold out.

If It Says You Are SOLD OUT, Can I Still Buy at the Door?

SOLD OUT means SOLD OUT. We don't hold secret tickets or keep a stash for walkups. Eventbrite literally stops allowing sales once tickets are gone.

Do I Need to Show a Vaccination Card?

No, but masks are required from start to finish.