What Is Lair of Shadows?

Lair of Shadows is an immersive play, where small groups of two, three, or four are directly involved in a theatrical performance. It’s unlike anything produced in the Pacific Northwest.

The stage and audience share the same space. This is part haunted house, escape room, virtual reality game, choose-your-own-adventure, and classic-horror movie all rolled into one – with you right in the action!

Often you will watch while characters interact and events unfold. Sometimes you will interact with others or work out a challenge. Sometimes the characters might interact with you in unexpected ways.

Unexpected Ways? What Is Going to Happen to Me?

Since our "No Touch" policy is waived, that means some of our characters might get up-close and personal. Your safety comes first, but vampires tend to ignore things like personal space.

What Are the RULES?

If you choose to ignore these rules, you, and your entire group, will be escorted early from the event with no refund.

  • Respect our cast members and location. No heckling, profanity directed at actors, inappropriate touching, aggressive or violent behavior, touching props (unless directed to), disregarding instructions, etc.
  • Respect the boundaries of other guests, regardless of your relationship with them.
  • No touching of cast members unless you are directed to do so.
  • No talking during the performance, unless directed to do so.
  • Follow instructions closely during the performance.
  • No pets.
  • No weapons or simulated weapons.
  • No costumes or masks of any kind.
  • No alcohol, smoking, vaping, or other drug use. If we suspect you are impaired, you will be denied entrance with no refund.


  • You must read, agree to, and sign the waiver provided (online or onsite) when you purchase tickets. No signed waiver, no entrance. No exceptions.
  • This event is for guests 20 years and older. No exceptions.
  • You must be physically able to walk, run, crawl, handle objects, and listen to / follow directions in English.
  • This event uses strobe lighting, simulated fog, and simulated blood.
  • This event is not appropriate if you:
    • Are pregnant;
    • Have photosensitive seizures;
    • Have asthma or allergies to dust or simulated fog;
    • Have PTSD or another anxiety disorder that may prevent participation;
    • Have claustrophobia or other phobia associated with intense situations;
    • Have an aversion or strong physical reaction to being touched;
    • Have an objection to simulated violence, and/or to the supernatural or the occult;
    • Have any oither reason that would prevent you from participating in, and completeing, this experience.

How can I have a SAFE experience?

  • Hydrate, then use the restroom ahead of time. There are NO bathroom breaks during the 45-60 minute performance.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get scuffed, wet, or dirty.
  • Be careful if you wear glasses or contact lenses, as we cannot look for them.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. You will be in low-light / dark locations.
  • Follow instructions, and remember this is a simulation—those posing a risk to actors or other guests will be escorted out of the event without refund.

How can I have a FUN experience?

  • Read anything you may receive before attendance. The more backstory you know in advance, the more you will understand and enjoy the experience.
  • Enter with the idea of letting go of the outside world and immersing yourself in the story. Imagine you are in a movie.
  • No talking when actors are performing but, when requested, participate. You do not need to be an actor or have experience in improvisation to do well.
  • Follow instructions, especially when seeking a specific goal. Remember, another group is right behind you.

How Do I Buy TICKETS and Check-In?

  • You can purchase online here, or onsite.
  • There are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS of tickets.
  • Do not be late. If you are, your group timeslot may be rescheduled - or cancelled, with no refund. Prepare for traffic and ongoing road construction.
  • Even better, arrive up at least 5 minutes early. Check in, store any phones, bags, or other items, and prepare yourself in the entrance waiting area.
  • When your group is called, please follow instructions.
  • Times may vary based on the length of previous groups. We will do our best to stay on time, but plan for delays.
  • You will exit some distance from the entrance. Head right down the sidewalk back to ticketing to retrieve any items left in storage.

Do I Have to Act or Read Lines?

Not exactly.

As a rule, if two or more characters are interacting, you observe quietly and follow directions. If there is only one character, you may be required to interact to gain needed information to progress.

Those who passively observe will not have as much fun. You are not expected to say lines, but characters will ask your opinion or ask you questions. The more you engage in the story, the more enjoyable it will be.

What If I Don't Want to Be Touched?

If you prefer no physical contact of any kind, or react violently to touch, this event is not for you.

You may be touched or handled on your head and face, shoulders, arms, and legs. Some of this touch may be firm to lead you to a new location, in simulated intense situations, and you may be restrained.

Is This an "Extreme" Haunted House?

No. We are not in the business of abusing you.

What Should I Bring or Wear?

This event is designed to immerse yourself in a unique story, so anything that disturbs that story or hinders your movement cannot be included.

NO phones or other electronics, bags, wallets, loose jewelry, and so on will be allowed. If you bring such things, you will be able to store them safely in our ticketing area lockers and retrieve them when you are finished.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and can be scuffed or dirty. This event is located in an old basement, and you will be walking and running and crawling and squeezing through dusty places.

NOTE: If you sneak your phone and it goes off during the performance, you and your group will immediately be escorted to the exit with no refund. So just don't.

I Have Claustrophobia or May Be Triggered by Specific Situations, Sounds, or Events. What Should I Do?

Do not attend. Seriously.

Is This a Haunted House?

Same location, different kind of event. This is created and hosted by Frighthouse Station, Tacoma's ultimate haunted attraction (shameless plug). Yet it is a play - unlike a walk through a haunt, it is a 70-minute performance. For information on the location, parking, and other logiistics, visit the DETAILS page.

Is This an Escape Room?

There are a few elements of an escape room in this performance, but only as part of the story. If you want an actual escape room experience, visit Escape Freighthouse Station upstairs HERE.

Is It Scary?

The story is a classic-horror-style adventure, using the haunted attraction as a backdrop. You will face frightening characters and situations in very low-light locations. If that sounds scary, then yes. We hope so.

Do I Have to Buy Four Tickets to Fill a Timeslot?

No. The narrative requires a minimum of two guests per timeslot; groups of two, three, and four work great. We CANNOT have a single guest by themselves per timeslot. If you have a group of two, you may be paired with 1-2 other guests.