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Lair of Shadows is the Pacific Northwest's first classic-horror immersive play - where groups of two, three, or four are directly involved in an exciting 70-minute performance.

The village of Witherbrook Township is plagued by unexplained deaths. Its most prominent family, the Shades, has disappeared. When occult investigator Alrich Von Helsbane went looking, he too vanished - and now you must find them before it is too late. What did Phineas Shade unleash in his bid for immortality?

Solve challenges. Crawl, escape, find clues, summon spirits, battle vampires, and confront the return of an ancient evil. Will you survive?

Timed-tickets are now on sale, and are limited. Only groups of two, three, or four are in each session, and you cannot be late.


This experience is for guests ages 20+ only. 

Our "No Touch" policy is waived for this event. Do you dare?

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