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Yennifer of Vengerburg

Yennifer of Vengerburg

"...I’m sorry you didn’t have a life. But if truth be told, you’re not missing much. I know it’s easy for me to say with warm breath in my lungs, and you with nothing.

Still, what would you have had? Parents? Well, they’re the ones who wrote your last act, so not much lost there. Friends? Most likely fair weather. Lovers? Fun for a bit, I’ll admit, but all eventually disappoint.

And let’s face it, you’re a girl. Your mother was right about one thing. We’re just vessels. And even when we’re told we’re special, as I was, as you would’ve been, we’re still just vessels, for them to take, and take, until we’re empty, and alone.

So, count yourself lucky. You’ve cheated the game and won without even knowing it..."

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