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Golem of Prague

Golem of Prague

"...The Polish Jews, after speaking certain prayers and observing fast days, made the figure of a man out of clay or loam, and when they speak the miracle-working Schemhamphoras over it, the figure comes alive.

They call him Golem and use him as a servant to do all sorts of housework ... On his forehead is written Aemaeth (Truth; God). However, he increases in size daily and easily becomes larger and stronger than all his housemates ... Therefore, fearing him, they rub out the first letter, so that nothing remains but Maeth (he is dead), whereupon he collapses and is dissolved again into clay.

But once ... someone allowed his Golem to become so tall that he could no longer reach his forehead. The master ordered the servant to take off his boots, thinking that he would bend down and then the master could reach his forehead.

The Golem bent down as expected, and the first letter was successfully erased, but the whole load of clay fell on the Jew and crushed him..."

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