We are looking for experienced senior staff for seasonal paid independent contractor positions. We pride ourselves in having a fun, collaborative environment where we allow our creativity and skills to create the best immersive storytelling around.
Do you want to join this growing event?
To apply, please send your resume to info@tacomahaunts.com. We will contact you soon. Thank you!
Looking for someone skilled in lighting, sound, electrical, and other behind-the-scenes stage experience. A qualified candidate can manage, install, troubleshoot and maintain DMX lighting grids, wire custom lighting, wire and manage sound grids (mixers and speakers) and work with an eye on safety and current special event codes. Skills in asset management and computer show control (especially VenueMagic) highly desired. A flexible team player with a positive attitude, good time management skills, and a phobia of personal drama is appreciated. If considered, a background check will be required.
Do you have the skills to read people, understand their strengths, and assign them roles that best serves the big picture? If you have patience, flexibility, and skills in theatrical acting, you are encouraged to join our team to wrangle 30+ enthusiastic actors. This position will involve helping with actor training, coordinating actor information lists, daily scheduling, nurturing actors during each night of the event, and spearheading Cast Care initiatives like nightly dinners, meals, breaks, etc. Your integrity and positive treatment of a diverse group of cast members  is as important as any experience you might have. It can be a demanding job, but the rewards of developing extraordinary cast members can be addictive.  If considered, a background check will be required.